Alexandre Lim

I mostly read nonfiction books. I'm taking notes to fight the forgetting curve and review them once in a while. I'm sharing them publicly as it may be helpful to someone. But my notes are not a summary of the book. If you find them interesting, I encourage you to read the whole book.

I made a blog post to explain why and how I make my book notes.

Letters to a Young Athlete by Chris Bosh

Letters to a Young Athlete by Chris Bosh

A very inspiring book that I would definitely recommend to anyone and not only to young athletes. It's simple yet powerful. Chris Bosh, a former professional basketball player, shares his story of reaching the pinnacle of the NBA. As someone who did a lot of sports, the content really resonates with me. What you gain from sport can tremendously impact your life. You don't need to know anything about Basketball. In fact, I know nothing about it. But the lessons and wisdom from this book are timeless.