Alexandre Lim

My mission is the satisfaction of my customers by delivering quality software. I've been in a startup, a medium-sized company, and a large company. I worked on private and public projects. I was a back-end, front-end, and full-stack engineer using many languages like Java, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Programming doesn't come easy to me. It's hard. That's why I choose to broaden my experience to learn and improve my craft.


July 2021 - July 2022

Yousign logo

Yousign is a French startup that provides a SaaS application for eSignature. Its ambition is to become the leading e-signature provider in Europe for small and medium-sized businesses. After a recent raise of 30M€ in a Series A funding round, Yousign is rapidly growing. I'm working as a senior front-end engineer for their product to offer an excellent experience and delight their customers.


  • Worked in a Squad Team and used Agile methodologies to deliver fast and reliable features
  • Developed an Advanced Electronic Signature feature in a feature team
  • Maintained the application in response to users feedback and Sentry reports
  • Improved software quality by introducing testing strategies to accomplish the company's OKRs
  • Contributed to the scale of the front-end guild from 3 to 10 developers

Technical Stack

ReactReact QueryTypeScriptstyled-componentsStorybookJestReact Testing LibraryCypressMSWCypressDockerAWSGitLab

Le Monde

October 2018 - June 2021

Le Monde logo

Le Monde is a daily newspaper and is considered one of the leading newspapers in France. My mission was to assist the company in being more data-driven to make strategic decisions resulting in growth in subscriptions. The goal was to reach 1 million subscribers by 2025.


  • Implemented and maintained a tagging plan to collect data using third-party libraries like Google Analytics, Amplitude, and Pixel Facebook
  • Managed and prioritized requirements from technical, marketing, as well as UI/UX teams
  • Automated tasks that consume API of third-party libraries to produce data reporting
  • Added Chartbeat A/B Testing in homepage headlines to improve the Click-through rate
  • Developed specific pop-ups to collect qualitative and quantitative data from readers
  • Migrated Google Tag Manager code to improve project maintenance and to use ES6+
  • Established anti-churn strategies
  • Integrated GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance requirements

Technical Stack

Express.jsReactLernaJavaScript VanillaJestESLintBabelPrettierSassTravisJenkinsDockerGoogle Cloud PlatformGitHub

Abbeal Valley

March 2018 - October 2018

Abbeal logo

Abbeal Valley is the Startup Studio of Abbeal. I developed Syllabo from scratch as a Fullstack JavaScript engineer apprentice. Syllabo is a web application for children aged 7-14 to gain cultural knowledge by playing games using Gamification principles.


  • Designed and implemented inscription, authentication, and authorization features for parents, children, and admin users
  • Developed an interface for children to create their avatar
  • Built an API to serve static images to display an interactive map using Leaflet
  • Participated in product and design decisions
  • Write an article about MutationObserver
  • Speaker at a Meetup conference gathering around 50 people about the Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern used in Express.js

Technical Stack


Pixel Cookers

September 2017 - February 2018

Beneylu logo

Pixel Cookers is an EdTech startup that provides a digital workspace called Beneylu for primary schools and forms a partnership with the Ministry of Education. I worked as a software engineer apprentice using PHP and Angular.


  • Led the team for the application maintenance
  • Developed mobile POC to make the application more responsive to keep up with the growth of mobile users
  • Improved mobile performance with Gulp
  • Piloted the implementation of many features for the event of the Olympic and Paralympic 2018
  • Migrated the application from Angular 1 to Angular 2

Technical Stack

Symfony 2TwigMariaDBPropelAngularJSAngular 5TinyMCEJQuerySassBulma CSSGitLabAnsible

Klee Group

February 2016 - September 2017

Klee Group logo

Klee Group is a medium-sized IT company with around 600 employees. I worked as a software engineer apprentice in 3 projects using Java EE and JavaScript.

Project Alpha: Alpha was to respond to the need of the Ministry of Defense to unify their purchasing Information System (IS). We also built a platform to act as a middleware between Alpha and the different Information Systems of the Ministry of Defense. We worked with Oalia and IBM France.

Application maintenance: ISIDOR and Natura 2000 are web applications for the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea. ISIDOR is an application where the user can manage France's roads infrastructure projects using an interactive map. Natura 2000 allows protecting a certain number of habitats and species representative of European biodiversity.


  • Used Ant to automate Java files generation by converting XML data from SoapUI
  • Implemented a feature to read files to extract data and save them in batch in the database
  • Developed a process to retrieve data from the database, parse them, write them in a file and upload the file on an FTP server to be consumed by a web service from Alpha
  • Maintained ISIDOR and Natura 2000 using Mantis Bug Tracker
  • Created SQL scripts to automate tasks
  • Optimized performance for ISIDOR map by reducing the complexity of algorithms

Technical Stack

Java 6Java 7Struts 1Struts 2JSPHibernatePostgreSQLSoapUIAntMavenTomcatJavaScript VanillaHTML5CSS3SVN


October 2013 - April 2014

AtoS logo

AtoS is one of the biggest IT companies in France. It’s an international company with around 120 000 employees in 73 countries. I worked as an intern using PHP and Java EE with a senior team from India.


  • Improved an internal website to aid projects management
  • Maintained the web application I.T.R.F for the Ministry of Education that administered the examination to become a civil servant in engineering and research
  • Improved the usage of the internal social network BlueKiwi to accomplish the goal of «Zero email» by running interviews of employees

Technical Stack

Java EETomcatPHPEclipse