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CSS for JavaScript DevelopersBy Josh Comeau

What is CSS for JavaScript Developers?

CSS for JavaScript Developers in an online course about CSS from Josh Comeau specifically aimed at JS Developers. It's a one-time purchase with unlimited access to the lessons.

The promise is simple: CSS can be fun.

There can be up to 10 modules and exclusive bonus content depending on the chosen package. The content is a mix of articles and videos with some exercises. Each module ends with a workshop, an excellent way to practice what you have learned and even go beyond.

Why did I take the course?

I did back-end and front-end depending on my client's need before being hooked on the front-end with libraries like React. I never took the time to really learn CSS and build strong fundamentals. I mostly used CSS but did not truly understand it.

Then I read some high-quality articles from Josh about CSS. When he announced his course, I was really excited. His marketing message was skillfully crafted. I felt like it was tailored to my need. Having done the Marketing Seminar from Seth Godin, I was aware of the quality of his marketing. Josh's teaching method worked well for me, and I decided to believe in his promise. I bought early access to his course.

Did Josh deliver on his promise?

He did not deliver on his promise...he over-delivered! It was really the course I needed. The modules are well defined and not overwhelming. The content is top quality, and there's tons of stuff to learn with fun practice.

CSS will begin to make sense, and you'll enjoy solving CSS problems. That's what happened to me, and it helped me a lot when I started working for a new client. I began by doing maintenance tickets that mainly focused on CSS. But with my new understanding of CSS, I could detect and solve the underlying problem. I could avoid just applying a temporary fix that often leads to more technical debt in the long term.

I was also able to teach what I learned, and you'll be surprised how little developers really know CSS at a deeper level. Like me, before finishing the course, they know how to use it but do not truly understand it.

Now, every time I face a challenge, I return to Josh's lessons because he teaches you fundamentals to solve more complex problems.

The investment in money and time was worth it. If talking about CSS learning, I always recommend Josh's course. But you will have to make time for it, it's not a leisure walk. In my case, I blocked one hour each night and worked on it more on weekends. I really took pleasure in going through the lessons. I even go through some lessons every now and then. It's not just something you buy and throw after finishing it. It will stick with you and help you in your CSS journey.

To know more about the program and do your own research, there's nothing better than his landing page.

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March 29th, 2022