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Epic ReactBy Kent C. Dodds

What is Epic React?

Epic React is an online course by Kent C. Dodds to learn everything you need to know to develop a professional application using React. It's an intermediate/advanced course that requires some experience developing web applications. This course will help you go to the next level. It consists of eight workshops with a mix of videos, reading, and fun practice.

Kent C. Dodds is a well-known software engineer in the React ecosystem with many open-source contributions. He has experience in teaching, and you can expect solid quality from Epic React.

Why did I take the course?

I began to check out React when it was just starting. It was pretty chaotic, and even the JavaScript ecosystem was not as mature as today.

At that time, I was more of a backend developer using Java, PHP, and Node. I didn't want to specialize too early and wanted to discover more of the frontend world. So I went for full-stack positions and started with Angular on the frontend side.

Later, I got the opportunity to work a little with React again, and it was pretty fun. The ecosystem was more robust than before. I wanted to go for a React developer position on a more significant project, so I needed to up my game.

I followed Kent for some time, and the quality and sincerity of his work made me purchase Epic React when it was announced.

Did Epic React deliver on its promise?

Big yes for me! Thanks to Epic React, I got a fully remote position as a Frontend Engineer with React. I found out that the technical interviewer was going through Epic React during the interview process.

I made quite an impact when I said that I also purchased the course and finished it. Epic React was the main subject of the technical interview. It all went well, and I got the job. It was a good return on my investment in the formation.

As for the course itself, it's excellent. Be prepared to block a lot of time. It could take months to complete it correctly. But the investment is worth it. It's a course you'll go back from time to time and find pieces of knowledge you can apply to your project.

You can also animate workshops for your colleagues, teaching what you learned because not everyone can go through Epic React. After all, it is a significant investment in time, money, and energy. You're in luck if your company helps your purchase the formation. But, the true challenge begins after that.

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May 7th, 2022