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Kwik ReadingBy Jim Kwik

What is Kwik Reading?

Kwik Reading is an online course by Jim Kwik to help people read faster. Most people learn to read when they're young. Then it's considered done, and that's the mistake.

Reading is a skill, and like any other skill, you can improve and become better at it. You can deliberately train your reading skill. That's what Kwik Reading is all about. You will learn techniques to read faster without losing comprehension.

The course is set to be done in 21 days. You watch videos and then practice by reading a book of your choice. It's progressive and very well done.

Why did I take the course?

At first, I didn't know there were techniques to read faster. I didn't view reading as a skill that could be improved. But one day, I had an introduction course on reading more quickly by Jim Kwik as part of my subscription to Impact Theory University. It was so well done that I decided to buy Kwik Reading.

I'm mostly interested in reading non-fiction books, and I was convinced that this course would help me.

Did Kwik Reading deliver on its promise?

Absolutely. Not only will you read faster, but you'll learn to have better focus and information retention. I often felt sleepy when reading, but since going through Kwik Reading, that's not the case anymore. It's possibly one of my best investments.

The course will help you create a reading habit, and since finishing the course, I have never stopped reading. With some training, it's even possible to read a book per week!

Reading is just the first step in accumulating knowledge. Remember that knowledge is only potential power. You have to act on it in a way that will benefit you and others.

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May 5th, 2022